Who's Your Market?

Courtesy of Steve Gordon (1000smallbusinesses.com)

Understanding Your Market

21 Questions to Define Who Youʼre Selling To!

Youʼll never reach your goal until you know what the goal is. When youʼre marketing your business that means knowing who you are selling to, what you will say to get them to buy and how you will reach them. Until you know these things you will waste time and money on marketing that just flat doesnʼt work or is much less effective then it could be. Answering these questions will help you take the first step towards improving your marketing results...understanding who youʼre selling to.

1. Who do you do your best work with? (Hint: look at your best, happiest current customers)

2. What is their level of expertise or knowledge related to what you do?

3. Do your ideal customers have either an urgent pain or an irrational passion? What is it?

4. Are they aware of this pain or passion? Are they actively looking for a solution to solve or satisfy it?

5. What are their desires, values, needs?

6. Are you a member of your target market? If not, do you have easy access to them?

7. What’s the solution you offer them?

8. Does the market have the income to buy your solution?

9. How old is your target customer?

10. Does your target customer have a family?

11. What’s his/her annual income?

12. What are his/her biggest business challenges (what wakes them up at 2am)?

13. What are his/her biggest life or personal challenges (what wakes them up at 2am)?

14. What kind of car does he/she drive?

15. What kind of house does he/she live in?

16. Where does he/she live? 17. What magazines does he/she read?

18. What websites, online forums, podcasts and blogs does he/she read?

19. Which conferences and seminars does he/she attend and why?

20. What is his/her decision making style (factual, emotional, relational)?

21. Is he/she the decision maker or just a champion?

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