Tallahassee Business Resources identifies and gathers essential details on all of the resources and organizations that provide financial assistance and/or business consulting to startup and established businesses in the greater Big Bend area. From our research activities, we are provide business resource listings and educational materials for startup entrepreneurs and fledgling business owners. Tallahassee Business Resources will also facilitate connections between startup entrepreneurs/ business owners with experienced businesspeople; thereby helping the entrepreneur grow their fledgling business, or take their commercially viable idea and make it a reality. By encouraging established business owners to advise new business owners, the program aims to foster entrepreneurship in the Tallahassee market.

How We Started

Tallahassee Business Resources was started as a volunteer "community catalyst" project under the Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI). In early November 2009, our catalyst team developed this new initiative to work on over the next 12 months. This initiative is part of furthering the mission of KCCI to make Tallahassee a more attractive place to live for young professionals in hopes of retaining those talented graduates of Florida A&M University, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College.

What Problem Are We Solving?

During the initial months of developing our KCCI initiative, we identified there was little to no help in the greater Tallahassee area for startup businesses, or businesses with revenues under $1 million. While there is plenty of help for businesses with a $1 million or more in revenues, we feel that the neglect of help for startup companies is a gaping hole in Tallahassee's economic development and diversity. There are many business resources out there, but few business owners or startup entrepreneurs are aware of them, and there is a need for on central information hub. Also, the amount of commercially viable ideas and research created at both FAMU and FSU that is not being propagated and nurtured in the local community is like having an uncapped oil well gushing into the sand.

Our Solution

Tallahassee Business Resources aims to organize and streamline business information exchange in the Tallahassee market. By collaborating with existing resources and generating original content when necessary, Tallahassee Business Resources will provide business owners with a forum for information exchange, guidance from fellow business owners and tips on how to deal with business challenges. In addition, Tallahassee Business Resources’ business mentor program is unique in the fact that it is a low cost program aimed at creating benefits for both the mentor and mentee. The program works by matching up new entrepreneurs with current successful business owners in the market. Tallahassee Business Resources’ main goal is to foster a entrepreneurial climate in the Tallahassee market by providing useful information that helps to mitigate the risk of starting a new business.

Our Market


  • Anyone thinking about becoming a new business owner
  • Anyone who is a new business owner
  • Business that can benefit from consulting with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Business owners in need of one stop business resources


  • Existing local businesses that are successful in the Tallahassee market and willing to act as mentors to new business owners
  • Tallahassee entrepreneurs that are looking for and/ or willing to contribute to business resources